Week 7 Blog_Ellingson

The Wave of Digital Literacy 

If one wants to be successful in nearly any career, being digital literacy is now a necessity due to the large amounts of the advancements our world has made in the last couple decades.  There are so many elements of living that now rely solely on technology to keep record of. For example, you need to be somewhat digitally literate to login to your account on your bank’s website.  You need to know what you can and cannot post on the Internet due to censorship and the risk of privacy invasion.  This list goes on and on and it’s simple, the more you know about digital literacy the more you are going to be confident on what you are capable of.  Being digitally literate is an absolute vital component when it comes to most careers that keep the world moving forward.

How it’s Affected My Fieldscreen_shot_1-resized-600

Growing up in the 21st century definitely played a very important role in my adaptiveness to the digital world.  During my youth days, If you were to tell me my career in the future was going to be heavily influenced by being digitally literate, I truly think I would deny that statement.  Never would I’ve guessed how much digital literacy plays a role in audio production and engineering.  Now, when I first came to IPR during my first quarter, I thought I had a decent platform of digital literacy to catch up with the introductory lessons of Pro Tools, etc.  I quickly found out that there was so many more digital terms that related to music, science of sound, etc. that I was getting myself into.  In hindsight though, if I was not as literate as I was when I first started at IPR, I would have been at a very large disadvantage.  So, in the end, I found out that being the most digitally literate I can be will put myself in the best position while working to achieve my goal of finding a career in audio production and engineering.



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