Week 6 Blog_Ellingson

The New Model: CWF+RTB


Today is a new age in regards to the process of attaining music sales, I mean this isn’t the 20th century where to get attention would take a high degree of effort in physically figuring out some low-percentage way of getting your music to be put into the DJs rotation on the local radio station.  I still feel that the same amount of energy and effort is required to see some success-just in a different method.  Today’s method is tailored around the digital age of web 2.0.  Creating blogs, music-oriented sales websites, and utilizing email are all great ways to connect with fans.  I believe the next step is to utilize these tools in a smart business mindset.  This means knowing your crowd from demographics to relating to them on a personal level, the “put myself in their shoes” tactic could be extremely useful.  Once in motion and deals and loyalty offers with fans in exchange for their personal life pathway: their email address.  Attaining this can put the artist into a good position with connecting to their fans, notifying them about upcoming shows, merch, and other content categories like videos, art, etc.  Depending on how the artist’s team takes actionl2tp-encryption-protocols, fans can keep coming back, wanting to give money to support the artist.


The great thing about the CWF+RTB model is that it is not that hard to follow because of platform it works on: the Internet.  Most people that are my age know at least the bare minimum of how the Internet works, so that’s a plus.  Like I said above about the energy and effort it takes to see successful results, the CWF+RTB model is going to take a lot of that, mostly a great amount of time on the Internet posting, emailing, and other online interactions.  So, for some people this might be a turn off because it really can be a tedious process.  I think one of the only things that can make someone who has been unsuccessful with this model say, “it doesn’t work,” is due to a lack of execution of social and Internet etiquette.  For example, getting a feeling of irritation from the large amount of labor of connecting with fans is definitely possible for most people.  Still in the example, if the artist lets this irritation affect he/she’s work ethic and attitude towards gaining potential fans (and people in general) the fans could start to lose interest because of the artist’s personality.  In conclusion, a successful artist has to keep his/her composure when times feel like they are getting tougher because the image is what people see and if the artist caves in under pressure and overreacts, the fans are going to notice.  And the fans are the core monetization factor, so I mean it comes to priorities in the end.



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