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Music in Web 2.0

Living in the Transformed Media Landscape of Today

In class we discussed the way web 2.0 has changed the way an artist makes a career with their work and I totally agree with the statement due to the advancement of technology.  We talked about how this advancement could possibly  cause negative affects on artist’s behalf.  In my opinion, the web can either hurt you or aid you, but it depends on how you utilize it.  I say this because there are great websites and organizations that can offer great deals in the long run, it’s just a matter of how much you research and figure out what will work for you the best.  Once settled with a web distribution service, it’s important to connect to fans and there are several ways to achieve this.  All it takes is a creative mindset and a never-give-up attitude, heading back to the drawing board after an idea goes not expected.  After reading an article from Berklee Online, I found an interesting point of connecting to fans with the idea of offering a deal to the artist’s fans with a low price limited offer to access the artist’s content in exchange for the fans’ email addresses.  This strategy enables the artist to make lists of their fans to possibly get an idea of what 0demographic features are the most popular in the crowd.  Also with the email connection, the artist can send emails to fans for upcoming shows, merch, loyalty offers, and much more.

Examples of Artist Management Services:

  • Tunecore
  • TopSpin
  • Bandcamp
  • SoundCloud


Bandcamp: An Artist’s Best Friend

For an artist freshly emerging into the industry of music, Bandcamp can immediately become an option and a cheap one.  On average an artist might not receive the sales results when using Bandcamp at first simply because of the fact that the artist is probably not known too well, but at least it provides an option for the artist to receive sales.  What’s great about this is that because it’s free, there are no penalties for leaving your Bandcamp page un updated as it is officially property of the artist.  The kicker with Bandcamp is that for every sale the artist makes, Bandcamp receives a 15% cut and if business is booming and the artist accumulates over $5000 in sales, the cut is lowered to 10%.  Another feature that is unique with this service is that songs/playlists can easily be embedded into several social media platforms, making the process of connecting with people over the Internet easier.


Direct to Fan


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