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Web 1.0

Unfortunately, I was not of age to realize what web 1.0 was like at the ncsatime when it switched to 2.0, but I find the transfer from 1.0 to 2.0 very interesting.  To me, I view the transfer as going from business to creative. I say this because when looking at web 1.0, you can visually tell that the content is presented “straight up.” When I say this, it means that the data is readable on the World Wide Web in the most basic form.  There is little to no interaction on web 1.0, removing the opportunity to comment, reply, or post reviews.

Web 2.0

Moving on to the future of the Internet: Web 2.0.  This is where information sharing, collaboration, and participation is highly encouraged.  The beauty of web 2.0 is that so many different types of content can fit the criteria for sharing and collaborating, whether it be across a network or locally in person.  Some examples of platforms that make these actions possible are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, etc.

Soundcloud is a huge application/platform for us music students and for me regardless.  The introduction of Soundcloud into the digital community  was truly a game-changer for any artist to put there out to the world and getting popular.  For example, a favorite artist of mine, Lil Yachty, strictly released music on Soundcloud a few years ago and then one day he blew up just over one song.  Then the one song turned to another, then another and I think you get the picture.  Soundcloud changed this man’s life asoundcloud_logond all it took was Lil Yachty’s ruthless work ethic to improve his sound and image.  On a personal note that relates to Soundcloud and my classmates here at IPR, I was recently apart of a collaborated track released onto Soundcloud by my buddies and I.  That’s about all of my experiences that relate to mashing up and collaborating with the production of an .mp3 that was posted to a web 2.0 platform.


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