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The History of Google

The Beginnings

Finding out that something that affects the world in such an impactful way was stemmed from an educational assignment is remarkable to me.  And that is exactly the case with Google,  a college research project that was captained by Stanford Students Larry Page and Sergey Brin.  Their specific assignment was to thoroughly explore the algorithmic larry-page-and-sergey-brin-bio-of-the-google-boysproperties of the World Wide Web.  Fortunately for us, Page and Brin were proactive enough to come up with an idea that makes finding the specific web page that a user needs a more easier and efficient process.  At first, the domain that Page and Brin were allowed to use for their new search optimization project was google.stanford.edu, but in 1998 they made the move to turning it into Google.com, a fully operational incorporation.  When profit was the topic of discussion, the two knew that advertisements deals were going to have to be made with companies, then embedding them onto the web pages of Google.  To increase profit, keywords were coded and tied into advertisements linked to companies that Google had made deals with.  This made generated much more money for Google and its business clients due to the fact that a good majority of people were using Google.

The Take-Off

During that initial year that Google officially became an incorporation, Google was obviously gaining popularity in the west and in parts around the U.S.  That year Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim invested $100,000 in Google.  Just in the next year, the total equity attained by Google rounded to about $25 million.  Now in 102398372-google-nasdaq-1910x1000the spotlight, Google started to attract major investors and major investments, oh and they finally moved from one of their garages to The Googleplex, Google’s headquarters.  Dialing a few years ahead, in 2004 Google hired Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley and were now apart of the stock exchange with a per share of $85 and a total of 19,605,052 shares.  Now a very relevant powerhouse in the world of stock exchange, Google was now able to experiment with more add-ons like personalized search, in 2005.  This would attract more users than ever, creating an incentive for people to find out more information tailored to their personality.  In 2007, universal search was introduced and increased the coverage of all content including the familiar Google Images, Google Videos, etc.


Within a few years after 2010, Google had expanded to its offices to over 50 along with around 40 different countries and counting.  Because of this expansion, the incorporation can provide products for billions of people all around the world.  With YouTube being the number 1 source of music in the world, I think it’s safe to say that Google has positively affected the world.


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