Week 2 Blog_Ellingson


Who is Alex Ellingson?

How I ended up at IPR was definitely not an idea I had in mind about 2 years ago, the time I was in the process of graduating high school.  After graduating high school in the town of Woodbury, Minnesota, a suburb east of St. Paul, I didn’t really have a great idea of what I wanted to do for a career. I ended up enrolling in the college of business at Iowa State University.  I quickly found out that I this path did not meet my interests, so I became proactive in finding a career in what really interested me: music.  That’s when I ran across IPR, which was conveniently located in the Twin Cities.  As of now I am currently pursuing a degree in the Audio Production and Engineering program, a tfifa-17-optimalopic that interests me to a high degree.  Some other random personal information about me is that I was born in Durham, North Carolina and lived there for 8 years, I love watching and playing basketball, I love hip-hop/rap, soul, and alternative, and my favorite video game is FIFA Soccer.

(below is the 2nd blog of the assignment)


Class of 2017/18 Prospects to Watch:

  • Gary Trent Jr.gtj-package-deal

    Trent Jr. is a 5 star shooting guard listed at #8 in the nation for the class 2017 and hailing from Apple Valley, MN.  He stands at a height of 6’5 and weighing in at 200 lbs.  Trent Jr. is a unique player because he plays the shooting guard position and given his physical traits previously stated, this gives him an advantage against opponents.  He can shoot the ball well, but his medium/inside game is what makes him really stand out, especially at the rim.

  • Zion Williamson

    Williamson is a 5 star power forward listed at #2 in the nation for the class of 2018 from Spartanburg, SC.  Over the past few months, Williamson has seemed to be the hot topic around the world of men’s college basketball recruiting as well as a trending topic on social media.  Honestly if your dad is a fan of basketball in general, I bet your dad has heard at least something about this man-child.  He stands at 6’7 and weighs out at 230 lbs, instantly making XXX CHICK-FIL-A HOOPS 135850_GM2_023.JPG S  BKO USA SChim a threat to opposing teams.  Williamson’s presence in the paint gives a rather dominating feel- on offense and defense.  Like I said in the beginning, Williamson has becoming a worldwide trend due to the fact that he dunks like a 25 year old man.  I really wish I could put a video in this blog to show you what he is capable of.

2017 Recruiting Class Team Rankings 

(Below are the rankings, provided by ESPN.com)

  1. Kentucky
  2. UCLA
  3. Washington
  4. Arizona
  5. Duke

Not too surprising to see Kentucky at the top of the list as of now in 2017, given their recent hotspot for future NBA players to develop (or to play one year then go professional). I was very surprised to see Washington at #3 as they’ve been a slightly above average team this year.  Definitely going to be interesting to see how they perform next year with those new recruits.  Not too surprised to see Duke in the top 5 for recruiting and as a Duke fan, I’m especially eager to see what these freshman can bring to the table in the 2017/2018 season.


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